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Registration Fee of $20.00 is charged on a one- time, non-refundable basis, and may not be applied to lessons.



Tuition Fee                 1st subject $45.00 per month = $45.00

                                    2nd subject $35.00 per month= $80.00

                                    3rd subject $30.00 per month= $110.00

                                    4th subject $28.00 per month= $138.00  

                                    5th subject $26.00 per month = $164.00

                                    6th subject $24.00 per month = $188.00

                                    7th subject $22.00 per month = $210.00

                                    8th subject $20.00 per month = $230.00

                                    9th subject $18.00 per month = $248.00



All lessons are to be paid one month in advance, payable at the first lesson of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be added to each account that is not paid in full by the 7th of each month. For your convenience, your yearly tuition has been divided into 10 monthly installments and NO lesson will be pro-rated! If you prefer to pay for the full year in advance a 5% discount will be applied. We accept cash or check payments only. A $30.00 bank fee will be charged on all returned checks.  

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